Innovation is the key of what we consider to be the future of modern Perfumery. A formulation, that remains stable and safe over time. As a result, 100% alcohol-free perfumes, that enveloppe all the intensity of high-quality fragrances, in a milky white liquid texture that sprays into the finest of mists.

Long lasting. Perfume Designer. Pure Scents

No Alcohol. No Ethyl. No SD Alcohol

Soft on skin. Second-skin. Intimate 

Eau de parfum

No Smell of alcohol. Just Smell pure scents.

A 360-degree olfactive discovery without limit. From the first mist, all the facets of each notes appear. Top notes of the perfumes stay on the skin during a much longer time than any alcohol-based perfumes.

Water to hydrate. Water to protect.

A delicate alcohol-free alternative for sensitive skin and made for all. A soft formula that won't dry out the skin over time causing irritations and breakouts. The pure water- based formula keep the skin hydrated and leave a pleasant fresh feeling on the skin.


Versatile. Body, Hair, Clothes.