Born in 2021

I never considered alcohol as an optimal base in a perfume formulation, nor did I ever believe that there were any real benefits linked to it. Over the years, my skin became more sensitive and spraying alcohol based perfumes would leave me with an unpleasant feeling of itchiness and dryness. My perfumed journey started when I joined a high-end fragrance company and I began frequently traveling to the Middle East. I was amazed by how perfumes were deeply rooted in their society; their approach to fragrances is very unique and pure and most of perfumes don't contain alcohol. Back to Barcelona I started searching for quality scents that did not contain alcohol and that were also long-lasting, and surprisingly I couldn’t find any.This left me with a feeling of frustration that contributed to make me want to create a revolutionary idea in perfumery.

Founder, Audrey Limbioul

Perfumes are Cruelty-free.Vegan. Phthalates free. Synthetic Dyes free