The benefits of alcohol-free fragrances and water-based perfumes


When creating a fragrance, alcohol is the main ingredient used in the final composition of the perfume. Alcohol is a very good and cheap solvent which makes it very suitable to use with oils. Also, it helps the scent molecules to disperse into the air around you, so you feel like you are walking with a perfume cloud surrounding you.


Alcohol-based perfume isn’t the only way to go! You can find oil-based perfumes, solid perfumes and water-based perfumes, all of which are already very popular in the Middle East.


There are many reasons why people should consider wearing alcohol-free perfumes and opt to go with a more natural, water-based alternative. 

 The perfume bottle composed of all the ingredient present in the bottle with water, cinnamon, plants, flowers


5 Benefits of Alcohol-free perfumes


1- Contrary to what one might believe, water-based perfumes offer long-lasting and full-bodied fragrances. Water is a very challenging base to work with, so we have worked hard to ensure that each scent we create has all of the intensity of a high-quality perfume that sprays into the finest of mists. Water-based perfumes offer an eau de parfum that can easily be worn all day and into the evening (containing an oil concentration of 15%).


2- Unlike alcohol, water is a very non-invasive chemical for the human body. Our formula allows us to avoid the most common ingredients used in perfumes: denatured alcohol, SD alcohol, and ethyl alcohol. Their harsh nature can strip your skin of moisture and dry out your whole body over time, causing irritation and breakouts. Water-based perfumes are safer for a wider group of consumers and make the ideal scent option for sensitive skin.


3- They have a clean, fresh scent that isn't too overpowering. We have all met someone who wears too much perfume, and the scent ends up taking over the whole room. Water-based perfumes are made for people who prefer the simpler things in life. You won’t have to wait for the alcohol to evaporate, and the perfume will smell just like it says it will.


4- Water-based perfumes can be used for many different purposes, as they can be safely applied on the skin, and also used as hair perfume for women, clothes perfume and on many other fabrics. We recommend applying it on clothing for longer-lasting results, and you’ll be pleased to know it won't stain the fabric. 



5- Any perfume, cologne, eau de parfum or eau de toilette which contains alcoholis considered to be a ‘dangerous good’. As ethanol is a highly flammable substance, should your bottle of perfume become damaged in transit or leak from its packaging, it could pose a serious fire risk if exposed to a flame. Water-based perfumes are safer for you to travel with and to keep in your home, especially if there are kids around.



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