The "sillage" trend in perfumery is elegant but (not too much) overwhelming.

"Sillage", a word widely used in the perfumery industry, which designates the olfactory impression perceived in the air after the passage of a perfumed person. It can be worn in two ways.

The most intimate - it penetrates under your skin

The most public - those around you can feel it too


I happened to take the metro in Barcelona, ​​it was full, 8am, everyone went to work. I find a seat and sit next to a person, I smell his scent and it started bothering me. It looked like he had fallen into his perfume bottle. And yet, it is not his fault! And here's why ... the 80% alcohol in scent helps the scent molecules disperse into the air around you, so you feel like you're walking with a scent cloud.________________

At The Water Brand, we opt for an elegant “sillage” (not too much) overwhelming. We create fragrances that make you feel good and happy to YOU. And that does not necessarily mean the race for power. As stated, these are alcohol-free perfumes, which do not seek to impose their trail on others but to keep the scent experience to oneself.

The scented particles are deposited elegantly and lightly on your skin, for a more intimate and personal use that invite you to get closer (rather than sniffing).

Picture of a woman holding a alcohol-free perfume, a water-based perfume that is like a second skin perfume. Very soft, delicate with a white elegant texture that smooth the skin

The creamy watery texture is a texture that brings perfect sensoriality: the notes that melt on your skin, like a second skin. The sensory experience is at the source of our perfumery.


Health point: Our perfumes and our trail, what does that say?


When you wear perfume, have you ever thought about whether your coworker, boyfriend / ie, child or family tolerates it? Sensitivity to perfume is a very common condition and the discomfort experienced by it is very real and can manifest itself as respiratory problems, headaches, tightness of the throat, itchy eyes and fatigue.

It is not the smell that bothers but the volatile organic compounds, that is, the substances of the perfume that are found in the air. A perfume can contain more than 100 components and alcohol causes a very large increase in the amount of VOC (volatile organic component) in the air.

At The Water Brand, our perfumes are not aggressive and heady for you and above all do not disturb those around you. Make way for alcohol-free perfumes that respect your nose and loved ones.


So what's your “sillage”? You wear it to seduce someone or to please you, to mark your territory or surround yourself with your protective bubble ... Looking forward to reading you. Leave us a comment


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