The Sun’s out! Choose alcohol-free perfumes for a safer fragrance experience this summer

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Fresh, light, and sweet. A scent can awaken memories of past vacations. But how can you be sure that it isn’t harmful when you expose yourself to the sun? With the risk of photosensitisation and other dangers, you might want to think twice about choosing one of those trendy scents for the summer. Instead, The Water Brand offers you a stunning scent while looking after your health!


In Europe, cosmetics legislations are some of the strictest in the world. The perfume industry is also regulated by the IFRA Standards (International Fragrance Association). Its role is to ensure that perfumes are safe for humans, and among other things, that there is no risk of photosensitisation and phototoxicity for the skin. Today, the oils of lemon, bergamot or mandarin, which are used by perfumers, are “cleaned” of all traces of photosensitising molecules before use.




Should we be concerned about alcohol in perfumes?

Pure alcohol is not recognised as a photosensitiser. However, the drawback is that it can negatively dry out the skin and disturb the hydrolipidic film, which is the skin's natural barrier, and weaken the epidermis. The sun also has a drying effect, so it is best to avoid spraying perfume all over your body before going out to try and catch a tan. Once the surface of the skin has reddened and has been attacked by alcohol, exposure to the sun is strongly discouraged because it accentuates the original burn.


Three (good) ways to wear perfume in the sun without risk.


- Spray perfume on your clothes.

- Scent your hair.

- Put perfume on areas of your body that are not exposed to the sun.


Become skin safe with alcohol-free perfumes 

If your skin is regularly exposed to the sun, alcohol no longer has any real use because it evaporates even faster in the sun. Under the higher summer temperatures, it loses its effectiveness and no longer works to fix the aromatic notes of a perfume. If it is not photosensitising, alcohol dries out the skin and can increase irritation.


These perfumes are ideal for the sun, but that's not their only benefit! Alcohol-free perfumes are essentially composed of pure water and fragrance oils. They are softer, lighter and gentler for your skin. When things start heating up this summer, go skin safe with alcohol-free perfumes.


A happy girl enjoying her moment, next to another picture with a lot of juicy grapefruit

Our favourite perfume for women for the summer!


Our tropical alcohol-free scent which clearly evokes the smell of holidays. Once the skin is heated by the sun, the milky aromas of fruits such as coconut or sambac jasmine emerge for your pleasure and enjoyment.


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