Finding the Motivation to Launch my Business after a Challenging Personal Experience


The portrait of the founder. She is wearing a purple shirt and holding her head.

My Story Begins with a Little Bug

The Water Brand is first and foremost a company that was launched as the result of an unpleasant personal experience. Here is my story …


You know those little beasts that sneak into our kitchens and invade our house at night. Yes, that's it – cockroaches! Well, it was the start of a long fight for me and my body, but one that led to an entrepreneurial revelation many years down the line.


Exactly 6 years ago, following a cockroach infestation in my apartment in Barcelona, ​​we called in a professional to eliminate the insects. The same day, my roommates and I returned to the apartment, and a few hours later, I start to feel itching, tingling, and swelling all over my body.


I didn't want to leave my house anymore to go to class or anywhere else where I would be faced with other people. I completely lost my self-confidence, and I couldn't understand what my body was telling me and why the swelling and itching never stopped.


Doctors simply observed that I had symptoms of "hypersensitivity" but no real solution to the issue was provided.


This ordeal lasted for more than 4 months until the day a doctor diagnosed me with poisoning from a powerful insecticide. They told me that the only solution was to eliminate it from my body.


In January 2021, I finally stopped taking antihistamines. My skin is gradually starting to recover. However, I still experience the after-effects of this ordeal. My skin is extremely sensitive, my body can no longer tolerate seawater (and I am an avid diver), and I regularly feel tingling. My skin has dried out a lot, and above all, I no longer use cosmetics that contain alcohol because my skin dries up and becomes even itchier.



In March 2019, I joined a high-end perfume house, and I started to travel frequently around the world, particularly to the Middle East, to showcase our fragrance collection for women and men. I quickly became fascinated by their culture and their unique and pure approach to creating perfume for women with solutions that were often alcohol-free.



In May 2020, during the health crisis, I lost my job, but the desire to become an entrepreneur and launch a business took over. I decided to embark on a crazy adventure – creating a perfumery offering an alternative to traditional perfumes with alcohol-free perfumes.

The logo of The Water Brand


To clearly differentiate our perfumes from other options on the market, we have created a full range of alcohol-free perfumes. Our perfumery is like nothing you've ever experienced before. Our products are kinder to your skin, alcohol-free, and come in a spray format. All of our perfumes are water-based and 100% made in Spain. 


If you would like to know more about our products and the philosophy behind our company, don't hesitate to visit our website and our perfume shop. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news from The Water Brand directly to your inbox.





  • Mi trabajo es acompañar a personas que padecen crisis y puedo decir que, a veces, del pequeño caos surge una importante creatividad. Debemos agradecer a la cucarachas que fueran las primeras que contribuyeran a crear ese “color negro” que baño tu vida durante un tiempo y del que ha surgido el espíritu creador de unos perfumes extraordinarios. Enhorabuena!

    Javier Castillo Colomer
  • Hola!! estoy como loca queriendo tener vuestros perfumes , pero vivo en Argentina!!!! Por favor pueden enviar a Sudamerica !
    Soy muy fanatica de los perfumes y deseo tenerlos conmigo
    Hermosa tu historia !

  • lo primero de todo, audrey es un amor, muchas gracias por ayudarme con mi pedido.
    en cuanto a las fragancias, nunca había olido nada igual y sin nada de alcohol!!!MARAVILLOSOS

  • Cuando pasas por momentos difíciles lo ves todo de color negro pero de las malas experiencias se aprendre y nacen cosas maravillosas. Te deseo lo mejor en esta aventura. Saludos.


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